Habib Law Firm

Attorney Habib is a vibrant attorney, with noted experience handling Immigration, Employment and Bankruptcy cases. Habib Law Firm is highly spoken of and comes with excellent mention by those who have used our services. Habib Law come very prepared to put its experience to work for you. To the client, this means Attorney Habib brings an energetic and passionate representation, without sacrificing the acute attention to detail that the has Law Firm is known for.

At Habib Law Firm, we will put our experience to help and protect the people and things that mean the most to you.

In situations where you need legal representation, you want the very best team on your side to help you quickly resolve the problem you are facing and secure your future.

The Habib Law Firm, pride itself on the emotional investment they make in each & every client's case. Located in Farmers Branch, the firm handles Immigration, Employment and Bankruptcy cases of all kinds across Texas and beyond with unmatched tenacity and skills.